Five Cult Films That Are So Bad They Are Good

There are some amazing cult films and classics that still hold up today but sometimes it’s hard to take off those rose-tinted glasses and realise when a cult film may not be quite as good as you remember from your youth…

Every year there are movies seem to tap into the mood of the times and others that fall way short of this task. However, now and again, some movies come out that push the boundaries of good a bad. During a debut, there are many expectations that get in the way of a purely objective viewing. Overtime, harsh criticisms soften and movies that were seen as horrible can often go on to become underground favorites. Here are five cult films that are so bad they are good.

1. The Big Lebowski

Jeff Lebowski, played by Jeff Bridges, known as “the dude” plays an unemployed burnout who has the unfortunate circumstance of sharing the same name as someone who owes money to some dangerous characters. When some thugs show up at his house and urinate on his prized rug, the dude seeks his own justice and repayment for the thing that “tied the room together.” Most critics enjoyed the movie but overall the public didn’t warm up to it until some time passed.

2. Howard the Duck

Howard the duck came out in 1986 and was a complete failure. Critics saw it as a strange and creepy movie with a meandering storyline that had the main protagonist acting as a band manager, martial arts guru, and a Don Juan. The movie did not do well, mainly because critics thought the animatronics were boring and unexpressinve. Overall, the performance was unconvincing. The movie would later go on to be called so bad that people ended up enjoying watching it.

3. The Room

This movie has entered the history books as being one of the most horrible movies ever created in cinema history. The movie was written, directed, produced, by Tommy Wiseau who also starred as the main actor. In the movie, Wiseau stars as Johnny, a man who is being cheated on by his current fiancé. This flick was supposed to be about betrayal but had many issues that caused it to become universally condemned as the worst movie. With horrible awkwardly timed dialogue, confusing blocking, and a bizarre performance by Wiseau, the movie was propelled into cult status because it was so bad.

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Beginning much the way a slasher film would, this movie begins when Janet and Brad find themselves stranded with a flat tire. Shortly after they seek shelter at the house of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the transvestite scientist. Filled with many fun and interesting characters, Janet and Brad find themselves losing their innocence to a powerful soundtrack.

5. Donnie Darko

Bridging the gap between space and time has always been a mystery to philosophical types. Donnie Darko, a movie about a boy who survives nearly being killed by a giant airplane engine, dives deep into the disenchanted realms of suburbia as Donnie begins to explore ways he can manipulate destiny and alter time.

You can never tell which movies will survive the test of time. Re-explore any of these movies the next time you want to have your concept of good and bad challenged.

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