Angelcare AC027 Baby Movement Monitor Review

Are you considering buying a baby movement monitor? Not sure where to start looking? We used the Angelcare AC027 Baby Movement Monitor when our son was a newborn. Here’s how it went…

As a parent, there are so many companies telling you that to be a good parent you need to buy their products. Some of the sale techniques are verging on aggressive, despite trying to look friendly and calm. Adverts for video monitors seemed to be the worst for these unfair practices. “If you don’t buy this product, you’re a bad parent” and similar methods. Luckily, the market for baby movement monitors is slightly less saturated. This means retailers and manufacturers don’t need to be so aggressive.

Before we left the hospital, I asked the nurses and midwives whether they recommend movement monitors. The answer I got was vague and unhelpful but the gist of it was this… “If we recommend one and the worst happens, we don’t want to be held responsible”. I suppose that’s fair enough but it’s not overly helpful when you just want a yes or no answer.

Baby Movement Monitor

The first few nights as a parent were actually ok. Our boy was sleeping for 4-5 hours at a time which meant we would get a decent bit of solid sleep in – that is if I wasn’t constantly terrified that something bad was going to happen. I’d wake up and if I couldn’t hear him breathing or see him moving I’d be sent into a panic. We decided after a few nights to buy the Angelcare AC027 Baby Movement Monitor, just for our peace of mind.

Is The Angelcare AC027 Baby Movement Monitor Good?

The monitor was being used in conjunction with a BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 so we could see him at night using the night vision and during the day if we were in another room. This meant we had nearly all bases covered and I could relax slightly.

While the video monitor was great and it will always have it’s place when it comes to having children, the movement monitor just took things to the next level or stress-reduction.

I was able to fall asleep knowing that if there was no movement detected for 20 seconds, an alarm would trigger. We had a few occasions where it was set off in the night. Fortunately it was just caused by him slightly rolling off of the pad that sites under the mattress but it was good to know it worked.

Set up was quick and easy. Pop some batteries in the pad and slide it under the mattress. Turn on parent unit and you’re ready to go.

The only complaint I have is that I’d frequently get up to do the night feeds and forget to turn the parent unit off. The unit beeps once as a “warning” and then 6 seconds later the alarm will go off continuously until turned off. This is, I suppose just “operator error” and I am not sure what alternative there is but it led to a very grumpy partner on a number of occasions.

Are Baby Movement Monitors Necessary?

To any parent considering buying something similar, I can highly recommend the Angelcare AC027 Baby Movement Monitor. Being a new parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. Most of this was due to the lack of sleep. If you can buy something that lets you sleep easier, that’s a must-have in my eyes.

As soon as your child can roll around, they will roll off the sensor pad which will cause it to go off constantly so this was only really useful for the first few months but those are the hardest months anyway.

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