Bulldog Age Defence Moisturiser Review

Men don’t use anti-aging cream, right? We just age gracefully and accept our fate. Well, what if we didn’t have to? Bulldog age defence moisturiser may be the answer to the question we are all too afraid to ask…

It’s natural to be sceptical of any products that don’t have an immediate result. Buying a cream that may make you look younger in the future is, quite frankly, insane. Or is it…?

I’ve been using Bulldog products for a while. Their beard shampoos and oils seem to be the go-to gift for anyone with a beard, probably because of the availability of them. You can find their various products in supermarkets and pharmacies easily. As a result of this, I’ve amassed quite the collection recently.

Bulldog Age Defence Moisturiser

The beard oil is fine. It does what it says on the bottle. The smell is nice enough and it keeps my beard soft and moisturised – no complaints here! Their beard shampoo is slightly above average. Where a lot of beard shampoos tend to really dry my beard out, Bulldog’s offering seems better at locking in moisture. All in all, decent products but nothing to shout from the rooftops about.

That’s when we come to their anti-aging cream. This was brought for me originally as part of a range of Bulldog products. I suspect the person who bought them didn’t even really pay attention to what they were buying and just saw a brand associate with beard and randomly selected some items.

Does Bulldog Age Defence Moisturiser Work?

After one use, I knew this was going to become a bathroom staple. Sure, I can’t tell you that you’re going to look younger in 10 years if you use this every day. What I can say is that there are a bunch of fancy looking ingredients and the listing on their website has loads of references to words like “anti-oxidant” so it’s probably good for your skin in general.

Immediately after use, my face felt tighter. The bags under my eyes were softer. I genuinely felt just a tiny bit better and as a man in my mid-30s, any little help I can get I will take.

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