Does Beard Oil Help Growth?

A lot of companies selling beard oil will tell you that using their products will help you grow a long and luxurious beard. With them promising so much, it begs the question, does beard oil help growth?

Let’s start by talking about what beard oil actually does. The purpose of these products is to keep your beard and face moisturised and give them the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Does Beard Oil Help Growth

What is more important than using expensive products is generally looking after your beard. Washing and brushing it regularly will release natural oils from your skin and that will encourage growth. That’s not to say that beard products don’t have their place though. Using a shampoo designed for beards will contain more ingredients that will keep your beard and face healthy.

Using balms and oils will keep your beard and face moisturised and this will, in a way, encourage growth. However, companies that promise the world are usually not being completely honest. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is…

The truth is, for hair to grow, you need to have hair follicles and apart from surgery, you can’t make follicles appear out of nowhere. Beard oil will provide you with the nutrients you need to encourage growth but it will not directly help your beard grow longer or faster.

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