Pregnancy – A Lesson From “Knocked Up”

I’m not exaggerating when I say the first thing we did when we found out about my partners pregnancy was watched Knocked Up. Honestly, the very first thing.

We had some friends and family over for the day and when they left I had a shower and went to bed. While my finacée was in the shower I just lay there on my phone without any real thoughts of babies. It was a few months after we started trying and I knew her period was due any day but the last few months had disappointed me so I was trying to not to think about it too much so as not to get myself excited.

You see these TV adverts where a couple are sitting on their bathroom floor, hand-in-hand smiling at a pregnancy test. It was not like that. She spent a fair while in the bathroom and it did cross my mind for a second that she’d come on her period but I forced those thoughts out. She eventually emerged and stood in the bedroom doorway. She said, “Erm, I think I’m pregnant…” There was silence for a few seconds. When I imagined this moment it was very different to this. I thought there would be tears and all sorts. I just gave her a hug, went with her to the bathroom to look at the pregnancy test and while we were obviously over-joyed, we were both really quiet. We went back into the bedroom and I turned to her lovingly and said those magical words… “Can we watched Knocked Up?”


I haven’t seen the film in years but I figured it may actually help. I know its a comedy but I knew nothing at all about pregnancy at the time and I was bound to learn something.

So, what did I learn? First of all, I remembered a scene about baby books. I’ve always had the opinion that baby boobs didn’t exist thousands of years ago and the human race was ok. (Let’s not talk about infant mortality rate and stuff like that, this is a happy place!) I’ve always thought it was just a way for book publishers to make money off of peoples insecurities. The film, coupled with my experience since we found out has completely changed this. I will spend any amount of money necessary for more advice.

Secondly, mood swings are real. For my partner, this has been from happiness to sadness. No full on crazy here and I hope that will continue! We’re both pretty passive people and we don’t ever argue so hopefully this will be the same for the remainder of her pregnancy. Only time will tell.

Finally, everything will be ok. The film goes that an underachieving twenty-something turns his life around and become the unlikely hero. If he can do it, I can do it. If your response to this “well, that’s a movie, not real life” then, frankly, I don’t need your negativity here (joking, please keep reading…) It made me more confident that everything is going to be fine. All first-time parents are finding their way and we will be no different. Things will be tough and, at times, probably downright awful but that’s part of the package.

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