PS5 Scalper Left In $25,000 Hole After Being Unable To Sell Stock

A PS5 scalper has claimed to be in $25,000 (£18,000) of debt after buying more than 40 consoles to resell which no one wants to buy.

We spoke to the man, who wished to remain anonymous who says the resell market was thriving before Christmas. Parents were scrambling to get Sony’s latest console for their children. Since then, the main buyers are young adults – buying the consoles with their own money. For the most part, they are not anywhere near as willing to part with their hard-earned cash.

Scalpers have been the bane of many gamers lives since the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S late last year. A combination of lower-than-expected stock levels from the manufacturers and the realisation from scalpers that they can re-sell these consoles for a profit means it has been almost impossible for the average person to get their hands on one.

Are PS5 Scalpers Illegal?

Although there are regulations in place for the resell of tickets and other items, there are no laws again reselling retail products for a higher price.

Companies have popped up all over the internet with a “start your own business” message who provide tips and software to help you get your hands on next-generation consoles. By paying monthly fees you will get access to information that will help you secure multiple PS5.

PS5 Scalper

One scalper last week mocked those unable to get their hands on a console, talking online about how easy it was for him to purchase multiple units.

When we asked our anonymous PS5 scalper why he doesn’t simply lower the price – even sell them at the retail price he said this:

I just can’t afford it, man. It’s not just the costs of the consoles we have to cover. It’s the fees to ***********(company name removed), shipping and insurance costs. I paid for these on ******* credit too so I’m paying interest every day. If I sold them for retail, I’d lose so much money.

If sales dry up, scalpers dry up too. With sales on sites like eBay in obvious decline, surely this is the beginning of the end. Anyone with piles of new consoles sat in their garages or bedrooms may be starting to sweat.

Have you managed to secure a next-gen console? Did you buy from a scalper or were you lucky enough to get one from a legitimate outlet?

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