What Is Going On With The PS5 Launch?

The launch of the latest generation of games consoles has been somewhat of a mess. This isn’t a new thing, launches of the last few generations of consoles from Microsoft and Sony have not been without their stumbling blocks but this round seems worse than ever. So, while this is pure speculation, what has actually gone wrong with the PS5 launch?

Looking back, there have been some warnings signs that something may be amiss for some time. Let’s think back to Autumn 2020 when Sony sent out emails to their users saying that if you wanted a PS5 you would need to register your interest early. They said they would email you when the consoles are ready for launch and the decision would be made based on your activity on previous consoles. Did they know already that there were going to be issues with production of the physical units?

At the time, I assumed it was just Sony trying to create some buzz around the product to ensure as many people as possible purchased one on release day and that is likely true. There is also the slightly more cynical side in me that says it was all a market research exercise to see how many consoles they were likely to shift.

What Is Going On With The PS5 Launch?

That’s when the really, really cynical side comes out. Now, the consoles are selling faster than they can be purchased. Mainly by scalpers it would seem but that’s a whole other story. But why are they selling so fast? It appears to be extremely clever marketing for a product that actually doesn’t deliver as much as promised.

Should I Buy A PS5?

Sure, ray tracing and fast load times are fantastic features but that’s not enough to shift units. What sells a new console is new games and that’s where Sony has fallen. At their online event in September 2020, we saw a whole load of launch titles that had the gaming world extremely excited. What we’ve seen since then is delays in to 2022 and supposed exclusives launching on PS4 as well. Just look at the rumours about God of War: Ragnarok releasing on PS4. So why would you buy a PS5 now? The most hardcore gamers with the best monitors or TVs will definitely notice the benefits but for the casual gamer it’s hard to recommend splashing out on the new console.

When you consider the delays in new games, the inevitable half-step systems and the almost certain price drop, buying a PS5 now seems mad.

I am very aware that there are plenty of gamers who have wanted to get their hands on the console since the PS5 launch and they will have good reasons for it.

What are your thoughts? Is this all a result of some clever marketing by Sony?

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