Are Disney Remakes Lazy Or Smart?

It feels like every new film being released is a remake, re-imaging, a sequel, or something otherwise linked to an existing franchise. Disney has been releasing live-action versions of their classics for the last few years which has got us thinking, are remakes lazy or smart?

Although I’ve been aware of Disney’s live-action remakes over the last few years, it wasn’t until Disney + launched that I truly understood the extent of it. With Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan, Dumbo, Beauty And The Beast and more getting the live-action treatment, the company show no sign of slowing down.

At the time of writing, there are planned remakes of The Little Mermaid, Bambi and Hercules, to name just a few. On top of this, we will be getting sequels to recently remade movies including Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book.

Are Disney Remakes Lazy Or Smart?

Is this just laziness from Disney? Surely one of the biggest and longest-running entertainment companies in the world should be able to come up with some new ideas? While some of these remakes will stir up a sense of nostalgia for our generation, some of them are based on films from over 50 years ago – not ones we will remember from our childhood.

Is Disney Trying To Right Past Wrongs?

There have been various controversies around Disney as a company and Walt Disney as a person over the years. This includes rumours of extreme racism. Even some more recent films have contained some questionable scenes which has to lead Disney+ having unskippable warnings before some movies on their streaming service.

Could these remakes be a fresh start for the company? An opportunity to re-write history? Unfortunately for Disney, they seem to be unable to stay clear of controversy for very long as proved by the issues around the remake of Mulan.

Watching some of Disney’s older work is uncomfortable in 2021. Things that I never considered to be offensive when I was a child due to my ignorance of the world now make me cringe. Sure, you can say “times change”, but Disney’s own warning message states the stereotypes were “wrong then and are wrong now”.

In 2021, companies need to take responsibility for their actions and if this is Disney’s way of righting previous wrongs, we are all for it. Creating family entertainment that shows how diverse and beautiful the world seems to be a focus for them now and we support that.

Alongside their remakes, it has to be said that Disney is releasing a lot of quality new IPs including 2020s Soul and Onward. Keep those coming and we’ll be happy.

What do you think? Are Disney remakes lazy or smart? Let us know in the comments.

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