Best Video Games Based On Comics

Last week we wrote about the best video games based on movies. While thinking about my favourite games to add to the list, I kept thinking of more and more great games that had much more humble beginnings – comic books. Here are the best video games based on comics.

Batman Arkham Series

I couldn’t pick just one of the games in this series as each one was thoroughly enjoyable. The only exception (for me) was those tank battles that absolutely no one asked for in Arkham Knight. They still haunt me. The series has come under fire more than once over the years. Most notably, the PC release of Arkham Knight just… well… didn’t work leading to players being refunded and any planned patches being dropped. There was also the controversy around The Joker making a return to the series after we were promised that wouldn’t be the case. Either way, these games are really fun to play and up there with the best comic book video games of all time.

Spider-man (2018)

Insomniac’s Spider-man delivered a fully immersive world that feels lived in and believable. Swinging around New York feels truly satisfying. The combat is weighty and extremely enjoyable. Pair this superb gameplay with the fantastically written story and you’ve got a recipe for one of the games of the generation.

Batman – The Telltale Series

Back to Batman with Telltale’s series of games starring the caped crusader. Sure, the gameplay is worlds apart from the Arkham series but it’s a welcome break from the action those games bring. As with all Telltale games, the focus is on story-telling and, for me, these games nail it. Getting to know these characters in a different way made the games thoroughly enjoyable.

Best Video Games Based On Comics

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I was obsessed with the origins story of Wolverine when the movie was released in 2009. I even went out a bought a brown leather jacket because I wanted to look like Hugh Jackman riding that bike through the forest. The game is loosely based on the events of the movie and includes flashbacks explaining how he became Wolverine. Although it’s been years since I played it, I still remember the satisfying combat and great story.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

“Finally”, I hear you say… “A non-superhero entry on the list”. The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of comics about superheroes and a lot of these have made their way into the mainstream. That means a lot of them have been adapted into movies and video games. Telltale’s The Walking Dead games were a joy to play. Decisions felt like that has real weight and consequences. This was arguably the developer at their best.

What do you think are the best video games based on comics? Let us know what we’ve missed in the comments.

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