Can Video Games Help Children’s Development?

Video games have come a long way since the 1980s. From the friendly mascots like Mario and Sonic, through to the likes of GTA. Many people who don’t play video games will assume it’s now all about violence and gore. While games like that are popular (and always will be), there are plenty of child-friendly games so we’re asking, can video games help children’s development?

We recently wrote about video games for kids and it got us thinking… Can video games actually be a good thing? It’s so easy to focus on the bad. I’m sure there are still parents out there worrying about games like Manhunt in 2021. Sure, there are some violent games around but the honus should be on parents to keep their children from accessing games that aren’t suitable for them. Blaming the games doesn’t help anyone.

Can Video Games Help Children's Development?

Let’s talk about the positives. This is how video games can actually help your child (when played in moderation, of course).

Develop Problem Solving Skills

We’re not just talking about mobile puzzle games. Many AAA games include puzzles within their narrative which means your child is using their brain and developing essential life-skills without even knowing it.

Gaming Can Spark Creativity

Games like Minecraft are perfect for kids as they allow them to build a world from scratch. There are also plenty of world building games available on mobile, consoles and PC which will help their creativity.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Gaming can be hard, especially platformers like Crash Bandicoot. The hand-eye coordination needed to play these games successfully is unreal and it will definitely help your child develop these skills.

It Can Bring You Together

If absolutely nothing else, gaming can bring you together. Whether you’re a gamer yourself or not, there’s bound to be something you enjoy playing. Even my grandparents enjoyed playing Wii Sports when they were in their late 70s. There are games anyone can pick up and play so if you want more family time, why not game together?

What do you think? Can video games help children’s development?

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