Gamer Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for the gamer in your life? There are a lot of “gamer gifts” available online but a lot of them are, quite frankly, junk. Here some gamer gift ideas – and yes, it’s stuff that we actually want.

Let’s start by talking about what not to buy. There’s a pretty easy rule here. If you search “gamer gift” on Google or Amazon, you’ll find pages and pages of rubbish. Don’t buy any of this. We don’t want a PlayStation poster with a picture of Master Chief. We don’t want an Xbox poster with a picture of Kratos. T-shirt with “GAM3R”? No thanks.

The gaming industry is huge and full of people looking to make a quick buck so you’ll find loads of unofficial, unlicensed merchandise.

Gamer Gift Ideas

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about some other gaming gifts to avoid. It may be tempting to look for headsets, controller stands, and even gaming chairs. Most gamers will know what they like and what they want so unless they’ve mentioned something specific, don’t guess what they may like. There are so many variations of these accessories with slightly different features so getting it right will be extremely difficult.

What Gift Can I Buy For A Gamer?

The best gifts come under one of two categories. The first is something that is designed specifically for their set up, but as we’ve said about, this needs to be something that you know they will like. The second category is a gift that is completely separate from their current gaming set-up but can be used on its own.

There are loads of retro consoles being re-made at the moment with tons of games built-in. This is a fun gift for a gamer as it’s a slice of nostalgia that is a completely stand-alone product.

Buying games themselves seems like an obvious choice but you’ll need to sus out the situation first to make sure they don’t already own it and that it’s something they’ll enjoy.

Now, probably the best gift idea… It may sound like a cop-out but you can’t go wrong with gift cards. These can be from PlayStation, Microsoft or various PC gaming online shops, depending on their platform of choice. If you’re not sure, gift cards from any gaming store is a safe bet.

Just know that we don’t think gift cards are lazy and it gives us the chance to buy something we really want.

If you have another other gamer gift ideas, let us know in the comments below.

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