How To Have The Best Gaming Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated gaming room you’ll already have a bunch of envious friends and followers online. Even if your gaming setup is in your bedroom you can still make it look impressive when you live stream or post on Instagram. Here are some tips for how to have the best gaming room.

Lighting Is Key

Set the mood with coloured light in your gaming room. These not only look cool but they also help to immerse you in the game. Colour-changing bulbs are cheaper than you may imagine. LED strips behind your TV or monitor look great and will mean you can play for longer without straining your eyes. It’s tempting to sit in the dark when gaming but lighting is important for your eye health and it also looks way better on a live stream if your viewers can clearly see your face.

Also try to find low energy lights and use a few different types. This gives you the option to turn them on or off depending on the mood you want to create and the level of lighting you need for the time of day.

A Comfy Chair

Whether you want an office style, high backed chair or a rocker style one, find something that’s comfy and supports your back. You could be sitting there for hours at a time so don’t scrimp on a decent quality chair.

For PC gamers, a high backed option is the obvious choice. For the more casual gamer, a rocker, or even a bean bag may be better. Look for chairs designed for gaming specifically as they are built with gamers in mind meaning they often offer more support. Some even have USB chargers for your controller and other fancy features.

How To Have The Best Gaming Room

Pick Decor That Suits Your Personality

If you’re a streamer that is known for playing a certain game, decorate your gaming room to reflect that. For example, if you regularly play God of War, can you imagine anything cooler than having a Leviathan Axe hanging on the wall? If you play racing games, these your room around cars. This helps create a solid brand if you are a streamer.

Even if you don’t stream, you want to make the room a comfortable and inspiring place to be so decorate it in a way that reflects your personality.

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