Most Controversial Movie Moments Of All Time

Over the years there have been a whole bunch of movies that caused controversy. From the overly violent to the politically incorrect, these are some of the most controversial movie moments of all time.

We’ve picked out some of the more famous controversies in cinema history. While the majority of these films were written almost solely to cause a ruckus, that’s not the case for all of them. Each of these films, however, has its own reasons for being considered controversial.

The Passion of the Christ – This film was criticised upon its release due to its depiction of Jewish people and the lack of Jewish scholars involved in the film-making process. One viewer has this to say…

It was highly offensive. It positioned the Jewish leaders as a soulless mafia, the apostles and Jesus as outside of Jewish religious life, and the Jewish people as unanimously involved in eagerly seeing Jesus tortured and murdered.

Team America: World Police – A more on-the-nose entry here. Team America was written to push the boundaries of what was acceptable in cinema. With racism and homophobia under the guise of satire, this film caused a stir all over the world

Most Controversial Movie Moments Of All Time

The Human Centipede – Another one that needs no explanation. Criticised for its mindless and unnecessary gore, this is possibly one of the more infamous films on this list. The sequel was extremely clever – whatever your thoughts are on the franchise.

A Clockwork Orange – Few films come with such controversy and, at the same time, such success. The movie ran in cinemas for 2 years before being pulled by the director, Stanley Kubrick. Although the film itself could be considered controversial due to its violent themes, the main controversy came from a number of supposed “copycat” rapes and killings.

American History X – While there are a few stand-out moments, as a whole, this film could be considered controversial. It tackles the themes of racism in America and has a number of hard-to-watch scenes. This film delivers a message but many people just remember the violence rather than the story.

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