My First Gig

I recently wrote about what I think are the best rock and metal albums of the Millennium, which made me all nostalgic. Thinking back to all the gigs I’ve been to, eventually lead me back to where it all began – my first gig.

I remember being at school one day back in 2000. One of my friends had a copy of Kerrang! magazine and he excitedly showed me the “upcoming shows” section. The Offspring were playing in London in January 2001 and he was going to ask his parents if he was allowed to go.

I had just turned 14 and I thought there was no way my parents were going to let me get on a train to London, about 45 minutes away to go to see them. Still, that night I rushed home full of hope that they’d allow it.

Conspiracy of One had just released and the tour was to promote the album. That album was on repeat pretty much constantly at the time and I was so excited at the thought of getting to see it live.

my first gig

Upon returning home, I casually mentioned that some friends were going to see The Offspring and that I’d like to go to. My parents discussed it for a few minutes then decided to call around my friend’s parents to discuss it. Turns out, we’d all lied about each other’s parents already agreeing to it…

After a slightly awkward admission, they decided I could go if everyone’s parents said yes. By some miracle, they agreed to it – as long as a parent went along too. This seemed like a fair compromise to be able to go to my first gig.

The full line-up for the night was A, AFI and headliners, The Offspring. Although it was not over half a lifetime ago I still have fond memories of that night. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as cool as I did going into school the day after that gig, knowing I was a grown-up who was allowed to go to shows in London.

The video below is from that night.

What was your first gig? Let us know in the comments.

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