Should I Buy A Next-Gen Console In 2021?

The launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S has been less than smooth. We recently spoke about what is going on with the PS5 launch but that’s not to say Microsoft has had anything like a flawless launch. So, should you buy a next-gen console in 2021?

Many people were asking in 2020 whether they should wait until 2021 to buy a new console. Suddenly we’re in 2021 and many people have still been unable to get their hands on a console, partly due to scalpers. The question is still valid though – it is worth buying a next-gen console yet? Here are some of our thoughts…

Software Patches

The launch of every new console (and a lot of new games) are often plagued by bugs and glitches that need to be patched shortly after launch. While the PS5 menu issues seem to be largely resolved now, the frustration of spending £450/$500 on a new console that has major software issues will be enough to put people off buying one straight away.

Should I Buy A Next-Gen Console In 2021?

Half-Step System

If you’re a more casual gamer, you may want to wait for the inevitable half-step systems that will improve performance, reduce prices and generally be a better option. Look at the PS4 vs the pro model – the original system is extremely dated now so waiting for the next version may not be a bad idea.

Lack Of Exclusives

Less and less games are actually exclusive to the next generation of consoles now. With rumours of God Of War: Ragnarok coming to PS4, as well as a whole bunch of others, it begs the question… what’s the point? Sure, ray-tracing and faster load times will temp many people in but it’s not enough to make the expense worth it for many others.

Considering the expense and the stress you’ll go through to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, it’s hard to recommend buying a next-gen console in 2021.

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