Smart Home Security

In the past, home security alarms were something that only the more wealthy could afford – often with high installation costs and expensive monthly fees. In 2021, smart home security is available to all and it doesn’t have to cost the world.

The range of products on the market has grown massively over the last few years. With more companies producing home security equipment competition is higher than ever which is driving prices down for the consumer.

A smart home security system can be monitored from your mobile or tablet which reduces the need to pay security companies monthly fees for monitoring. Technology is advancing rapidly which means motion sensor technology and night vision components can be produced for less than ever. We’re in a position where we’re getting better technology for less money and this is improving all the time, in favor of the consumer.

A lot of new smart home security systems can be installed yourself. As long as you have Wi-Fi in your home and you are tech-savvy enough to connect the devices, you should have no issues setting up your security system.

Smart Home Security

What About Smart Locks?

Smart locks are becoming more and more popular but are they safe? The short is yes – but make sure you take additional precautions and always buy a trusted brand. Any device connected to the internet is, in theory, vulnerable so make sure there is a suitable level of encryption.

If you use Google products, you can go wrong with the Nest x Yale lock which links to your Google Home setup.

Look for a lock that is compatible with your current ecosystem, whether that’s Google, Amazon, or otherwise. Also, consider whether your other home devices can be linked such as a Ring video doorbell.

In conclusion, smart home security devices are likely to increase in popularity as they become even more affordable. When it comes to locks, remember that a smart lock is not a “catch-all” solution. Even with a traditional front door lock, many people still use additional bolts and chains. Keep that mentality and remember to do whatever needs to be done to keep your family safe.

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